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Club Background
Emporia Junior Woman's Club

History of Our Club

The Emporia Junior Woman's Club was established in 1942. During the first year, the club focused their efforts around war concerns. We donated supplies to the Red Cross and sold victory corsages.
Helping children has always been a major focus of our club. We have donated to needy children throughout our sixty years through such organizations as Operation Smile, Camp Easter Seal, and the Boys and Girls Club of Emporia.
Club members, past and present, have given their time, talent, and monetary donations to help the community we live in.  We all should be proud of the accomplishments of our club.

Our Club Officers
President- Gloria Robinson
First Vice- President- Rachael Belmonte
Second Vice-President- Dawn Williams
Secretary- Pam Lifsey
Treasurer- Diane Watson
Parliamentarian- Gail Richard

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